Farnsworth Peak

KSL-TV site on Farnsworth Peak
This view from the chanel 13 Farnsworth Peak site shows the tower of KSTU FOX-13 (far left), the Digital TV tower (center) and the old KSL channel 5 tower (second from the right)
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Farnsworth Peak is located approximately 18 miles southwest of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, near the northern end of the Oquirrh Mountain range (pronounced "Oh-Kerr")  The name "Farnsworth Peak" actually refers to at least three seperate sites in close proximity to each other along the ridge.

The so-called "Big" Farnsworth site is the highest, northernmost and oldest of the sites.  This is the site of most of the digital TV transmitters that serve the Salt Lake City area, some low-power TV stations, and the majority of the Salt Lake area FM broadcast stations.  Immediately south of "Big" Farnsworth is the KSTU  site.  A bit farther down the ridge is the so-called "Little Farnsworth" site, home of several other TV stations and a myriad of land-mobile services.

This site is named after Philo T. Farnsworth, one of the inventors of electronic television. 

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